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HAY hutte は、『自然との関わりを意識する、日々の暮らし』を提案するライフスタイルブランドです。

私たちが '人間らしく快適に暮らしていく' または '様々なモノを創り出していく' ことを考える時、どちらにおいても、どのように自然と関わっていくかは日に日に重要さを増しています。



HAY hutte は、その自然と私たちの間にある矛盾を少しでも軽減するような活動をすると同時に、日々自然に慣れ親しみ生活する楽しさを伝えていきたいと考えています。

HAY hutte is a life style brand to share the valuable experience of everyday life, where we know that we are all part of nature.

How we interact with nature, meanwhile, is becoming increasingly important in living a comfortable life and making things.

When we are in nature, for example, we see trees of green, sparkling shores or birds chirping on branches, all of which give us comfort and make us think about what humans are all about.

The more we manufacture things that we use in everyday life, however, the more we exploit nature on which we depend.

HAY hutte is committed to resolving such dilemma, while communicating the joy of immersing ourselves in nature. With this policy in place, HAY hutte designs and manufactures things that can be used for a long period of time, meeting your needs and expectations, and selects and sells usable antiques and articles made up of recyclable materials through which you may be able to raise awareness of nature and enjoy the environment around you.

事業内容 / WHAT WE DO


・ Designing and planning of product and interior
・ Designing, manufacturing and sales of one-off furniture and interior goods
・ Planning, manufacturing and sales of original furniture and miscellaneous goods
・ Purchasing and sales of interior and outdoor goods
・ Import and sales of antique miscellaneous goods
・ Coordinate and Styling of interior
・ Planning of events such as workshops


HAY hutte design (ハイヒュッテデザイン)
150-0046 東京都渋谷区松濤2-13-1 松濤ハウス202
TEL:03-6683-6886 FAX:03-6804-9059
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HAY hutte design
CEO : Hideyuki Yasui
150-0046 shoto house 202 2-13-1 shoto shibuya-ku tokyo
TEL:03-6683-6886 FAX:03-6804-9059
Online Store website:

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